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Breathe the air of the Bay of Arcachon

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Travel between



Rent our bikes to (re)discover France!

We deliver a selection of high-quality bikes with their accessories anywhere in western France, from Brittany to Southwest.

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Bikever, easy and quick bike rental

The advantage of our method? bikes where you decide in all western France!
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In complete peace of mind, take the time you need to develop your project step by step at home.
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Have you thought about everything? Then contact us and our team will take it from there!
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Receive the bikes at the agreed location and enjoy your stay!
The first step is to create your project. You choose:

  • the region among those where we deliver
  • a bike among the ones we propose (trekking bike, mountain bike, road bike, children’s bike)
  • the accessories
  • the starting and ending dates of your stay

Contact us to book whenever you are ready!
Whenever your project is well defined, all you have to do is contact us by e-mail or phone. We will ask you:

  • the sizeof all the participants in order to select the right bike
  • the type of bikes and the accessories you chose
  • the exact dates and locations where we will deliver and retrieve the bikes
  • the method of payment you want to use

To confirm your reservation, you will be asked a 20% deposit which can be paid by bank transfer, cheque (for the French residents) or credit card (Paypal).
The big day arrived! We meet you whenever and wherever you want to deliver the bikes.

On that occasion, we ask the French residents to leave a security deposit in the form of a cheque and the others to show the credit card transaction receipt.

From that moment on, pedal as your heart desires in total peace of mind: in case there is a problem, our teams will always find the best solution to help you.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to extend your stay or for any advice. We are at your disposal.

Our commitments

Bikever's staff love their job. And we prove it to you thanks to our charter of confidence:
  • Ultra-flexible delivery

    We deliver and retrieve the bikes whenever and wherever you decided. Contact us if you want a cost estimate!
  • Professional maintenance

    Every bike we propose is serviced with the greatest care before every use.
  • Technical assistance

    If case of any trouble on the road, call us at once and we will do whatever is necessary to help you.
  • Punctuality

    In order to respect your project pace, our teams will be on time.
  • Assistance in the preparation

    Do not hesitate to ask us for advice to prepare your stay. We also provide maps on request.
  • Ecology

    With Eco-driving and environmentally friendly lubricant and detergent, we protect nature so you can enjoy it.
  • Choice

    Whatever your project is, our range of bikes and accessories are developed in such a way that your choice is never limited.

Who are we ?

Bikever was born out of a conviction shared by two friends; conviction that biking is tantamount to adventures. These adventures are experienced with passion at the whim of the meetings and paths. But before anything else, a bike trip is a nice invitation to curiosity and to discover oneself, the others and nature. Whatever the age, we all have in our memory unique moments that are linked to biking. In this way, for us, the bike symbolizes a promise of freedom, whether we seek performance or the lost time, escape or a baguette at the corner of the street, the bike will always take us wherever we want. It is for all of these reasons, and many more, that we are pleased to have created Bikever and putting our savoir-faire at your service.