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Legal notices

This website is provided and operated by the company Novelo, A Limited Liability Company with capital of 1200€ registered with the trade and companies register of Bordeaux with the number B 752 896 506. Its head office is located – 21 lieu dit le Ruzat 33670 Sadirac – Phone: 0033632393303.
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By consulting this website, you accept to comply with the terms and conditions described hereinafter. The company Novelo reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

General terms and conditions of rental


The renter: The Company represented on the rental agreement.
The tenant: The paying signatory person mentioned on the rental agreement.
The rented equipment: all the bikes and accessories rented over the period of the rental agreement.
Theft: theft includes vandalism, theft of accessories and attempted theft.
Damage: any damage of the rented equipment.


2.1. – The tenant declares that he/she is capable of using the rented equipment and that he/she has no medical contra-indications. However, the renter reserves the right to assess the tenant’s ability to use a bike.
2.2. – Any minor must be accompanied by a responsible person of full age.
2.3. – The tenant engages his/her responsibility to comply with the regulations in force, particularly the French Highway Code.
2.4. – The use of helmets is obligatory for children younger than 12 years old. It is not obligatory for adults but is strongly encouraged. The renter cannot be held liable if the tenant chooses not to rent helmets.
2.5. – A currently valid identity document will be needed for any rental.

Article 3 – PROPERTY

3.1. – Rental equipment remains the renter’s exclusive property over the rental period. In this respect, the equipment cannot be used by third parties.
3.2. – The Tenant does not have the right to give it or sub-lease it to a third party.


4.1. – A rental day begins at 9.00/9am the earliest and ends at 18.00/6pm the latest.
4.2. – Every started day is due.
4.3. – Any rental lasts at least for two days.
4.4. – The extension of the rental period cannot happen without the renter’s written consent.

Article 5 – DELIVERY

5.1. – The delivery is an offered service within a certain geographical area, as mentioned on the website www.bikever.com/rates.
5.2. – Bayond that free zone, the amount of the road fees is calculated by the renter according to the distance that separates the two meeting locations.
5.3. – Only the Renter is authorized to transport the rental equipment. However, the Renter may grant in writing the Tenant the right to transport the equipment in a vehicle he considers suitable.


6.1. – Rental rates in force are those listed on the website www.bikever.com/rates.
6.2. – The total amount of the rental should be settled when the equipment is handed over to the tenant.
6.3. – From the moment the customer disposes of the equipment, he/she has 30 minutes to report a possible problem with the equipment. Beyond this time period, the rental is irrevocable and not refundable.
6.4. – A deposit of 50% at least of the total price of the rental will be paid when booking.


7.1. – In order for the tenant to book, he/she must pay a security deposit.
7.2. – The security deposit can be paid by credit card, cheque or cash.
7.3. – The security deposit can be kept immediately and without prior notice in case of non-compliance with the agreement terms, and particularly in the following cases:
– theft of bike, see article 8
– absence of restitution of the bike at the date mentioned in the rental agreement terms and without amendment recording that the agreement is renewed, see article 4
– refusal to pay for the rental or the possible repair costs, see article 9.
7.4. – The security deposit will be given back to the tenant or destroyed after the restitution of the rented equipment and an examination confirming that there is no damage to the said equipment.
7.5. – The amount of the security deposit is mentioned on the website www.bikever.com/rates.


8.1. – The tenant is firmly committed to implementing all the means at his/her disposal to prevent the rented equipment from being stolen such as:
– night storage inside an enclosed building, to which only it has access, with the exception of secure car parks;
– the systematic fixation of the frame to a fixed and firmly rooted attachment point thanks to the provided antitheft device as soon as the tenant gets off the bike.
– to not park the bike outside for longer than two hours during the day.
8.2. – The tenant is firmly committed to reporting any loss or theft of rented equipment, of whatever kind or quantity, to the renter AND the police authorities within 24 hours. The renter will have no choice but to keep the security deposit.
8.3. – The renter can present a receipt confirmation of the security deposit upon request.
8.4. – If the bike is returned to the renter, the latter will reimburse the amount of the security deposit to the tenant MINUS the possible reconditioning costs of the equipment.


9.1. – The tenant is firmly committed no to parking his/her bike in an area likely to disturb other users and cause damage or impoundment charges.
9.2. – In any circumstances, the tenant cannot carry out repairs or modifications, even minor, of the rented equipment without warning the renter beforehand and without the renter’s written consent.
9.3. – When the 30 first minutes of rental are over, the tenant acknowledges that the rented equipment is in perfect working order and is committed to using it with care. When this period is over, the tenant will be held responsible for any damage caused to the equipment.
9.4. – Any damage caused under the tenant’s responsibility will lead to an additional invoicing which will be deducted from the security deposit or paid by the tenant when the equipment is returned.
9.5. – The cost of the repairs and the cost of the parts which must be changed are limited to the biking professional market price.


10.1. – The tenant release the renter from any liability deriving from the use of the equipment made available, particularly concerning the accidents and damages caused to third parties. The tenant assumes full responsibility for the equipment as soon as he/she receives it and until its restitution to the renter. He/she bears sole responsibility for any damage caused to the equipment.
10.2. – The renter declares that every user of the rented equipment has or is covered by the holder of a civil liability insurance which covers the consequences of the use of the bike.
10.3. The renter holds an insurance contract through the company MMA under the insurance policy N°A143355764. This contract does not cover the equipment during the rental expect in the case of technical failure attributable to the manufacturer.


The tenant is committed to using the equipment within the limits of its capacities:
– Luggage rack: The tenant is committed not to transport bulky objects or, IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, people. The combined weight of these objects cannot exceed 22Kg.
– Baby seat: the tenant is made aware that baby seats at his/her disposal are for children aged between 9 months and 6 years and whose weight is between 6 kg and 22 kg maximum.
– Children trailer: The tenant is made aware that the equipment is destined for children aged between 6 months and 6 years and who weigh less than the maximum load as shown on www.bikever.com/accessories.


12.1. – Luggage storage is only available for the rental company’s customers, so that they can leave their gear for the duration of their rental.
12.2. – This service can be charged at a fare of one euro (1€) per day.
12.3. – The customer will be held responsible for its luggage and its content. It will be the customer’s responsibility to not leave with the renter any identity card or any travel document that will be necessary for his travel. In default, the latter (the renter) will not be held responsible, in any way, for the customer’s failure.
12.4. – It will be strictly forbidden to leave for safekeeping:
-animals, including insects,
-perishable goods,
-illegal products,
-weapons of any kind.
The renter keeps the right to refuse any luggage that would not respect these instructions.
12.5. – Each piece of luggage must be labelled, with the name of the owner, the latter being the only person who will be able retrieve it. On the contrary, the renter will be able to give the piece of luggage back to the person who claims for it, if he thinks that she/he has the right or the necessary authority to collect it or, on the contrary, decide to keep it.
12.6. – Although all possible means will be used to protect and secure spaces, the renter declines any responsibility in case of theft, forgotten or damaged object.
12.7. – The renter will be able to dispose of as he pleases of any luggage or object once the storage’s maximum duration (1 year) has passed, even destroy it.


According to the law of Data Protection of January 6th, 1978, modified in 2004, you have a right of access, modification, correction and suppression of your personal data that you can exercise by consulting the renter.


By express convention, and under reserve of the legislation in vigor, the Tribunal of Commerce to which the seat of the renter depends, is considered to be the sole organization competent to handle any litigation relating to the contract concluded with people with business purposes.
The renter may under any circumstances renounce the benefit of this present clause of attribution of jurisdiction which is stipulated in its favor. In this case, any litigation will be brought before the tribunal territorially competent in agreement with common law.